Sharing my good days and bad days

Last January 2015, our office staff went out to celebrate a new year… and a new regional office.
GoTen in downtown Nashville was the chosen spot, so we all car-pooled over to the restaurant.

I had never, ever, experienced this sort of thing, but I went along, and decided to order something similar to what the others were ordering – since I had no idea what to expect…

I chose habachi shrimp! It came with salad, soup, fried rice and steamed vegetables.

Here is what I got…

a delicious salad…

mushroom and onion soup…

fried rice… and steamed vegetables…


and everything – everything – was fantastic!

Yesterday, our staff decided to go back, since we had all enjoyed the experience. But when we got there – it was CLOSED!

No note. No explanation. Nothing.

Just a dark restaurant with a locked door. Needless to say, we were disappointed. The closest thing nearby was a fast food burger place, and we settled for it. But we were very disappointed.

I looked online – and on their facebook page – and still can’t find anything about why it’s closed!

So I guess we won’t be going back again.



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