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I’m back from Illinois — and I can’t wait to visit again!

Guess what we got to do?

TOUR 142b


Right!  We were invited to ride in a buggy . . . and it was fun — really fun…

I sat in the back and took pictures (so there’s no pictures of me) while my two grandchildren rode in the front with a very nice lady. If you know anything about the Amish community, you’ll agree with me that she was very nice, since her family was preparing to have church at their house in a few days, yet she still took time to give us a tour of her very beautiful home — and a buggy ride. Thankfully, we accompanied her on an errand, so we didn’t inconvenience her too much.

TOUR 166b



What a beautiful buggy! The Amish take care of their possessions, but they aren’t prideful. However, I did see a horse or two that might have looked a little proud and haughty. And rightly so… since many of the horses that the Amish buy at auction have been racehorses when they were younger.

TOUR 175



The houses all looked nice and neat.  I loved looking at the colorful laundry, blowing in the wind. The colors you see depend on the community. I’ve visited communities that wear nothing but black or brown. The home below obviously belongs to a district that allows pink and lavender.

TOUR 152


We visited several stores, chatting with customers and clerks — everyone we spoke to, made time to stop and speak with us, answering our questions. No one made me feel as if I didn’t belong.

TOUR 157b


And this concludes our little tour…

TOUR 186


Illinois . . . to Indiana . . . to Kentucky . . . and back home to Tennessee.



God bless you and have a great weekend!


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