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Trip to St Louis

I went to St Louis this past Wednesday, and by Thursday I had a tickle in my throat, which turned into a cough.

By Saturday, I was ready for home… and my own bed.

It’s funny how I get excited about traveling… the conference, vacation, or visit is almost always enjoyable (sometimes even the drive), but the stay in a motel/hotel is usually less than desirable.

Have you had the same experience?

What do you like most (and least) about traveling?

God bless!


Times of testing…

If you read yesterday’s post, you will remember that I felt defeated because we had used several precious family hours watching movies (with inappropriate costumes and language).

Today was . . . weird mostly. It seemed like at every turn, something unexpected would happen…

For example, we left the motel on time. We drove straight to the Hyatt with no problems; as a matter of fact we had time to spare, so we decided to drive around the area, stopping for breakfast along the way.

First, the GPS took us 7-8 miles away, but when we arrived there was no restaurant!

After finding a substitute place, we headed back to the Hyatt…



Then we got lost…


3 times!

I know it was partly my fault, but that dumb ole GPS is at fault, too.

There were too many times we followed it exactly but there were too many times we had to detour or the directions were unclear.

Finally, heading back once again, the truck jerked a few times, sounding and feeling like it was about to quit. At that point, I started praying… a LOT!

We figured it could be a fuel problem, and the gauge was getting close to the big “E”… so we tried to find a fuel station… in town.

After 3-4 tries, including one scary trip down a one-way street (yep, going the wrong way) we found one.

Of course it can’t end this easily…

While there, I noticed a low tire. Par for the course, they sold air, but the hose was missing!

I told my daughter to forget it for now and take us to the hotel.


The room is clean, cool and quiet. It’s on the 16th floor – my daughter and grandson are afraid of heights, but the only option given was to move to the 14th floor, so we stayed where we were.

We are determined to have a successful, happy trip; instead of letting all this ruin our trip, we decided to find the humor in it… believe me, there’s a lot we found to laugh about!

My daughter is at her conference, the grand kids have showered and are in bed, and it’s time for me to retire.

Goodnight and God bless!


Daily failings…

Tonight I feel like I failed my family…


See, our family (even the little kids) decided years ago that there wasn’t much on television worth watching.

Although there were a few shows/networks that promoted good, the commercials during these shows promoted bad!

Indecency, immorality… well, you know what I’m talking about…

And we’ve done well. We still play an occasional video, but we’re pretty choosy what we watch.

So what happened today, after driving 5+ hours, when we get to the motel, unpack… and turn on the television. I can’t even blame the others; I did it.

Of course a movie would be playing that we had seen previews for but had never seen… so we watched it.

Then a movie came on that we had seen, but everyone liked, so we watched it, too.


There it is…

Four hours wasted!

I say wasted because the commercials seemed especially bad; there was violence, bad language, nudity, zombies… and that’s just a few of the complaints.

Did we spend quality time together at some point?

1) Bible study – no.
2) Family prayer – no.
3) Just talking – no.

3 strikes – I struck out!

My plan for tomorrow… resist the desires of the flesh and unplug the television (until we leave on Sunday)!

Pray for us, dear friends. Lift us up to Heaven. Ask for wisdom and strength to…


God bless you.

The best time to be sick…

When is the best time to get sick?

When you have plans and have made your reservations weeks ahead to be out of state for a week?

Yep. One, two, even three days before the trip – that’s when you can count on getting sick, or at least someone who’s going with you.

Believe it or not, my granddaughter began feeling sick, complaining of nausea while trying on clothes as we were packing!

She’s been asleep awhile – this is the little girl who fussed every day until we gave her the gift of “no more naps” for her sixth birthday!

…nausea …fever …???

We covet your prayers…

God bless you.

The Jetsons

My grandchildren have discovered a new family…


It’s family life… in 2062!

• George Jetson: age 40, is the main character and protagonist of the series.
• Jane Jetson: age 33, is George’s wife and mother of their two children.
• Judy Jetson: age 15, is the elder child in the Jetson family.
• Elroy Jetson: age 6½, is the younger of the two children in the Jetson family.
• Rosie: Rosie is the Jetsons’ outdated household robot.
• Astro: Astro is the Jetsons’ family dog.

OKAY… let’s go meet THE JETSONS!



©Donna J. Mynatt 2014

Waking up with the chickens…



This morning, I woke fifteen minutes before my alarm was set to ring…

I headed to you-know-where… as I was passing by, my daughter whispered “good morning, Mom.”

On my way back to my room, I decided I was going to take those extra minutes, plus maybe the nine more I would have if I hit the snooze button when the alarm sounded, so I tiptoed back to bed and snuggled under my covers.

A few minutes later – still ten minutes before my alarm was set to ring, I heard my grandson’s VERY LOUD old-fashioned alarm clock clanging! Within a few seconds, he had turned it off and I could hear him climbing down from his bunk bed and jump to the floor.

I decided it was important to enjoy family time whenever the opportunity arose, so I “arose”, got a big hug from my grandson, then went to check on the girls… my granddaughter was sitting up in bed but Mom (who I knew had been awake a few minutes before this) was hiding under her covers I grabbed a clean sock, rolled it into a ball and lobbed it at her head! A few other things joined the fun (nothing big, miniature snickers bars and wooden clothes pins) until she finally gave up and joined us.

It was the most fun I’ve had at 5:45 AM… in a VERY long time!

I hope all my readers have a fantastic long weekend…

God bless you!

©Donna J. Mynatt 2014

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