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I’m not complaining about the weather…





This has been a very unusual year, so far.

Everyone thought we would have an early spring . . . then winter came back — again and again.




We’ve had more than our share of rain (especially in Texas)! But we’ve had lots of sunshine, too.

The most unusual weather I’ve noticed is the nice, cool mornings (and evenings). Even when the day gets hot — very hot — it’s nice and cool by the next morning.

And I can’t complain about that! I love the cool breezes…

I’m walking more, since the weather is nice and cool.




I don’t think anyone knows just what to expect, but whatever type of weather comes along, I know God is in control — and HE has a plan. The weather is just a part of His plan.

So whether it’s hot, cold, wet, dry, thunderstorms, hail, snow, fog, sleet, wind or a mix . . . it’s just what God ordered.

And I can trust that it’s just right.




I can’t do anything to change it, so I might as well enjoy it!




© 2016 DJ Mynatt


Snow! Snow! Snow!

Yesterday and today have been such a treat… with snow falling on my way home both days!


I confuse, I’m not as crazy about snow as I’ve always been — mostly because as I get older, my body doesn’t tolerate extreme cold any more than it does extreme heat! Living in Tennessee, guess what?

I have both!  It’s too cold in the winter . . . and too hot in the summer.

I’m going to stop griping before you leave. While it’s not the best conditions, I love living in Tennessee. We have great seasons . . . spring, summer, fall, and winter all are fun times. I don’t let the cold stop me from going out for walks, or playing in the snow — and I don’t let the heat stop me from longer walks, and splashing around in the pool (whenever we get the chance).

But what I love most are the colors… the beautiful snowflakes in winter, the trees and flowers blooming in the spring, the vegetable garden in the summer, and the changing colors of the leaves in the fall.


In the meantime… enjoy the snow!




© 2016 DJ Mynatt

We got SNOW…



We finally got enough snow to play…

State offices closed… we played in the snow… we ate snow cream… I hurt my back (& spent most if the day medicated, lying on the couch)…

Just another fun-filled day!


God bless you!


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Waking up with the chickens…



This morning, I woke fifteen minutes before my alarm was set to ring…

I headed to you-know-where… as I was passing by, my daughter whispered “good morning, Mom.”

On my way back to my room, I decided I was going to take those extra minutes, plus maybe the nine more I would have if I hit the snooze button when the alarm sounded, so I tiptoed back to bed and snuggled under my covers.

A few minutes later – still ten minutes before my alarm was set to ring, I heard my grandson’s VERY LOUD old-fashioned alarm clock clanging! Within a few seconds, he had turned it off and I could hear him climbing down from his bunk bed and jump to the floor.

I decided it was important to enjoy family time whenever the opportunity arose, so I “arose”, got a big hug from my grandson, then went to check on the girls… my granddaughter was sitting up in bed but Mom (who I knew had been awake a few minutes before this) was hiding under her covers I grabbed a clean sock, rolled it into a ball and lobbed it at her head! A few other things joined the fun (nothing big, miniature snickers bars and wooden clothes pins) until she finally gave up and joined us.

It was the most fun I’ve had at 5:45 AM… in a VERY long time!

I hope all my readers have a fantastic long weekend…

God bless you!

©Donna J. Mynatt 2014

Is exercise considered a perk?

I was recently transferred to the big city of Nashville!



Anyway, along with much better working hours, I have the option of putting my two work breaks together for the purpose of having time to exercise in the workout room located on the first floor at the rear of the building… they even have showers in the ladies restroom.

I decided this was too good an opportunity to pass up, so a week ago, I began using some of the exercise equipment — mostly an exercise bike.

Although I determined to start out slow and not overdo, I have already suffered from leg cramps/muscle spasms. But I am happy to report that did not stop me!

I reported to work every day, and spent at least 10 minutes a day on the bike. I will admit there were times when it was being used, but I didn’t give up. I spent the time walking around the hallways (or outside) to get my exercise.

And it’s beginning to get easier… even with adding a minute each day to my routine.


A few months ago, I reported that I had set a goal of 75 pounds to lose… well, so far I’ve lost 5 pounds, so I’ve got a long way to go…

God bless you and good night.

Happy St Patrick’s Day…


… and I QUIT!

My family is decked out in green today… there’s nothing my grandchildren enjoy more on St. Paddy’s Day than to do a little pinching! So I pick out my clothes the day before and thankfully get up before they do.


Now I guess it’s time to share my weight loss progress…

I quit!

Yep. I quit.

I will share one reason on today’s blogpost… and I plan to discuss other reasons for my decision in the future on this blog.

Oh, I still plan to walk every day – and watch my carbs (to control my diabetes).

But any weight loss will be purely accidental… and I’ll proudly proclaim it as such to anyone who mentions it.

Lately I’ve noticed several people in my life who have mentioned their need (or desire) to lose weight. They are very concerned about it. One might even say “obsessed” about it.

But the strange thing is… these are healthy, active people. But even more strange is their appearance… all of them look as if they have little – or no fat on their bodies.

I will even go as far as stating that two of them look as if they need to gain 10-15 pounds just to look healthy!

Their faces and bodies remind me of people who… well, I can’t think of a nice way to say it, so I won’t go there, but they are way too skinny. One person admits to weighing less than 130 pounds. And that might seem a lot to you, but to someone who’s close to six feet tall, it doesn’t “look” like a lot of weight to me!

These are professional people who have successful lives and families. So I am guessing that it’s the world’s opinion of how much a person should weigh that is pushing them to lose weight, even though their bodies exhibit just the opposite!

Therefore, I am going to stop stressing about how I look, and concentrate on how I act. After all, my “job” is to make Jesus look good. I need to smile more, while doing my best to follow His lead. If someone thinks I make Jesus look bad because I’m overweight, they’re certainly entitled to their opinion… and that is not my opinion. I’ve listened to the world for far too long.

As I mentioned yesterday, March is a difficult month for me.

If you knew you only had six months to live, would you really worry about dieting, or would you live every day doing what makes you happy?

If I live past April 30th, I will have lived seven years longer than my mom… and ten years longer than my sister.

So I hope you’ll encourage me to stop worrying about my weight, and to enjoy each and every day that God blesses me with.

God bless you.

March 11 – Wham! Ouch! Did you ever?

OKAY… so who else survived Monday besides me?

Good morning!

Actually it’s not such a “good” morning, since I started getting sick yesterday. I thought the horrible headache was because my blood sugar was out of the safe range, but by last night my grandson looked at me, felt my forehead, and declared me “sick”.

But not too sick to walk for 30 minutes with my daughter, which got me into trouble and almost a trip to the emergency room!

Has this ever happened to you? You’re playing with your children… or grandchildren… and it doesn’t go exactly as you planned…

That’s what happened. I was going to throw the stick towards my grandson, just to tease him, but my daughter was walking right next to me, and her wrist got in the way. Honest, I wasn’t aiming for her or my grandson… the stick wasn’t supposed to hit anything but the grass.


Fortunately it didn’t break… at least we don’t think so.

But she posted it on facebook… for everyone to see!

Screen shot 2014-03-10 at 7.04.46 PM

Can you believe it! I would never do that!

….. well, maybe I would.

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