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One Month = Two Birthdays!




This month we have two birthdays…

My grandson’s birthday was on the 4th… we celebrated all weekend — and had a marvelous time!


DJM iPhone 102015 809


This cute, funny little boy is one of the loves of my life!

He makes EVERYTHING a joy!

For his birthday, he received a few movies he’s been wanting, plus several Lego sets to build — Star Wars and Marvel kits. His favorite person in Knoxville — Miss Pam — sent him the Marvel Lego kit with IronMan and Ultron + the blu-ray movie Avengers- Age of Ultron. We visited libraries, parks, McDonald’s… all in all, everyone had a great birthday celebration weekend!

My birthday is next…



I’m proud to share that I will be 59 on the last day of April… that’s 9 years more than my mom lived and 10+ years more than my sister lived — so it’s definitely a good reason to celebrate!

And we do… we celebrate every single birthday! I hope I have many more, but that’s up to God. He may have a good reason to call me home earlier — and I know He knows best, so I’m trusting it’s all good.

I’ll be posting pictures the week after my birthday weekend — YES, we plan to celebrate the whole weekend! I’m pretty excited about it… fact is, I can’t wait!

In the meantime…




God bless you, my wonderful friends!




PS. If you just feel that you have to send me a birthday card or gift… I won’t refuse! I love fluffy socks, BBQ chips, Christian bookmarks, and all (well, most) things Amish!

© 2016 DJ Mynatt


Happy Easter!



We have never purchased “Easter” baskets for my grandchildren, yet most years, they have one!

This past Sunday was no exception… Early in the morning, there was a knock on the door. My daughter went to answer it — and came back with two baskets full of candy.



A neighbor had went to the trouble to purchase baskets, candy, grass… and filled them with the kids’ favorites!

Of course, the moment they saw them, the children ran over to the neighbor’s to thank her. She got big hugs, too!

So, God bless you, my sweet neighbor . . . and God bless you, my wonderful readers!





© 2016 DJ Mynatt

We got SNOW…



We finally got enough snow to play…

State offices closed… we played in the snow… we ate snow cream… I hurt my back (& spent most if the day medicated, lying on the couch)…

Just another fun-filled day!


God bless you!


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survival of the fittest…


Everyone survived!


We’ve visited our favorite bookstores… and it’s time to head back home.

I’m not sure why it always seems much closer driving back home — it used to seem farther when we first moved away for some strange reason, but now it seems to take less and less time. The fact that we’re heading back on a Friday night — and in the past it was usually around midnight when we got home… just might have something to do with it. Tonight we made it back before 11pm.


And too often we are usually involved in one or more traffic jams — tonight it was rare to even have to cancel the cruise control but for a few, short times!

My daughter’s visit went great. She came through like a trooper.

Dr. Haws is the best dentist I’ve found in 50 years… and a great blessing to our family!

…by the way, the homemade pumpkin bread was a huge crowd pleaser!

God bless you!


© Donna J. Mynatt 2015

who’s afraid of the big bad… dentist?


FUN times planned for tomorrow…


Actually we LIKE our dentist! He’s really good and we don’t get upset when it’s time for our next visit.

…except for the 3-hour drive back to Knoxville.

At least it’s another day spent with my family — those are always a blessing.

It is Rachel’s turn — again. She’ll be seeing the dentist once a month for a few months, until she’s caught up on some necessary work.

…and she’s taking them some of her homemade pumpkin bread (do I smell a bribe?)

God bless you!


© Donna J. Mynatt 2015

cabin fever…


Home Sweet Home…

I think the kiddies are getting a bit of cabin fever…

They haven’t been anywhere since Sunday. Oh, they’ve been outside to play with Sophie (the cat) but we just haven’t needed to go anywhere. And they’re getting a little restless.

So… tomorrow we’re planning a trip to the mall. I’m certain this will cheer them up, as they both have Build-a-Bear gift cards to spend!


God bless you!


© Donna J. Mynatt 2015

01:01:15 | Happy New Year


It’s time to ring out the old…

and ring in the New Year!



God bless you!



©Donna J. Mynatt 2014

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