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I’m not complaining about the weather…





This has been a very unusual year, so far.

Everyone thought we would have an early spring . . . then winter came back — again and again.




We’ve had more than our share of rain (especially in Texas)! But we’ve had lots of sunshine, too.

The most unusual weather I’ve noticed is the nice, cool mornings (and evenings). Even when the day gets hot — very hot — it’s nice and cool by the next morning.

And I can’t complain about that! I love the cool breezes…

I’m walking more, since the weather is nice and cool.




I don’t think anyone knows just what to expect, but whatever type of weather comes along, I know God is in control — and HE has a plan. The weather is just a part of His plan.

So whether it’s hot, cold, wet, dry, thunderstorms, hail, snow, fog, sleet, wind or a mix . . . it’s just what God ordered.

And I can trust that it’s just right.




I can’t do anything to change it, so I might as well enjoy it!




© 2016 DJ Mynatt


There’s gonna be changes at work…

Something very unusual is happening at work…


For the first time, in fifteen years,there is a change in leadership — for everyone.

Our division has three regional offices, and during the past fifteen years, since I began working here, we have had one of the leaders to retire, or resign. But not all three — at the same time!


Within ninety days… all three of the regional administrators left their positions. I wish them all the best… and yeah, I’m just a little envious. I wish it were my turn, but I’m counting the months and it’ll be here soon enough.

And now it’s time to post three job openings, and begin the interviews. In the meantime, we’ll keep doing what we’re doing.

Is it okay if I ask for your prayers? For those who’ve gone — and those who are left behind.




© 2016 DJ Mynatt

My scariest moment driving in Nashville…


traffic light 01

Time to stop!

Yesterday as I was driving to work, the traffic light ahead of me turned yellow.

Now, to be clear, I wasn’t speeding – or even going that fast, unless you call 40 mph fast (and I don’t). AND… I was going downhill, in a big, heavy truck, so when I saw the light change, I automatically moved to begin braking – to stop.

But I didn’t…

I didn’t stop.

stop 01

The truck kept going…

Instead, it seemed like I was barely tapping the brakes — and there was a shudder that I’m having trouble describing.

I was petrified!

Eventually it slowed to a stop — way past the line painted on the road, showing where to stop. As a matter of fact, I went so much farther, I had landed a few feet in the intersection.

But I was stopped… whew!

As the cars zoomed past my front fender, I had to decide what to do when the traffic light turned green… do I try to drive on to work, or pull over? Should I try to get back home?

I decided to drive on to work, since I was just a few miles away. I drove very slowly, using the brakes very little, but it seemed like they were working.

Once I arrived, I related my experiences to my co-workers, asking for advice as to where to take my truck for repairs. The most helpful advice I got was from a man who had had the same experience — the same day — on the same road.

He said I had probably hit the brakes a little harder than usual, and (or) had hit a slick patch on the road, which caused the automatic braking system (ABS) to react. He explained that it did this to keep the truck from sliding out of control (or into a spin).

This made sense, so I decided to try it again.

I left work early, to avoid the heavy traffic, and headed home. No braking problems. None at all.

So now I know… but you can be certain that in the future, I’ll be more careful when it’s raining. I do NOT want to relive that experience again.

God bless you!


Blogpost © 2016 Donna J Mynatt

Snow! Snow! Snow!

Yesterday and today have been such a treat… with snow falling on my way home both days!


I confuse, I’m not as crazy about snow as I’ve always been — mostly because as I get older, my body doesn’t tolerate extreme cold any more than it does extreme heat! Living in Tennessee, guess what?

I have both!  It’s too cold in the winter . . . and too hot in the summer.

I’m going to stop griping before you leave. While it’s not the best conditions, I love living in Tennessee. We have great seasons . . . spring, summer, fall, and winter all are fun times. I don’t let the cold stop me from going out for walks, or playing in the snow — and I don’t let the heat stop me from longer walks, and splashing around in the pool (whenever we get the chance).

But what I love most are the colors… the beautiful snowflakes in winter, the trees and flowers blooming in the spring, the vegetable garden in the summer, and the changing colors of the leaves in the fall.


In the meantime… enjoy the snow!




© 2016 DJ Mynatt

hot… cold… hot… cold…


second-guessing the weather!

Just a few weeks ago, we had a some pretty warm days…


2 days later it snowed — a lot! I’m talking 8-9 inches of snow! Enough to close the state offices, which almost never happens.


The next week, all the snow melted and the temps stayed in the 60s…

Yesterday when I left work it was 84 degrees…
this morning it was 40 degrees…

How’s a person supposed to know what to wear?

How’s a person supposed to get used to it?

Crazy? …that’s Tennessee weather.

At least the work week is half over…


God bless you!


Copyright © 2013-2015 DJ Mynatt

We got SNOW…



We finally got enough snow to play…

State offices closed… we played in the snow… we ate snow cream… I hurt my back (& spent most if the day medicated, lying on the couch)…

Just another fun-filled day!


God bless you!


Copyright © 2013-2015 donnasfamilylife.

Heading towards the snow…


Heading towards the snow!

We’re getting ready to head towards Huntsville… this week they received nine inches of snow (and ice). But that’s where we’re going.

Crazy? …probably.

Scared? …definitely.

Still going? …yup.


If we make it back, I’ll let you know.

God bless you!


Copyright © 2013-2015 donnasfamilylife.

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