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One Month = Two Birthdays!




This month we have two birthdays…

My grandson’s birthday was on the 4th… we celebrated all weekend — and had a marvelous time!


DJM iPhone 102015 809


This cute, funny little boy is one of the loves of my life!

He makes EVERYTHING a joy!

For his birthday, he received a few movies he’s been wanting, plus several Lego sets to build — Star Wars and Marvel kits. His favorite person in Knoxville — Miss Pam — sent him the Marvel Lego kit with IronMan and Ultron + the blu-ray movie Avengers- Age of Ultron. We visited libraries, parks, McDonald’s… all in all, everyone had a great birthday celebration weekend!

My birthday is next…



I’m proud to share that I will be 59 on the last day of April… that’s 9 years more than my mom lived and 10+ years more than my sister lived — so it’s definitely a good reason to celebrate!

And we do… we celebrate every single birthday! I hope I have many more, but that’s up to God. He may have a good reason to call me home earlier — and I know He knows best, so I’m trusting it’s all good.

I’ll be posting pictures the week after my birthday weekend — YES, we plan to celebrate the whole weekend! I’m pretty excited about it… fact is, I can’t wait!

In the meantime…




God bless you, my wonderful friends!




PS. If you just feel that you have to send me a birthday card or gift… I won’t refuse! I love fluffy socks, BBQ chips, Christian bookmarks, and all (well, most) things Amish!

© 2016 DJ Mynatt


Happy Easter!



We have never purchased “Easter” baskets for my grandchildren, yet most years, they have one!

This past Sunday was no exception… Early in the morning, there was a knock on the door. My daughter went to answer it — and came back with two baskets full of candy.



A neighbor had went to the trouble to purchase baskets, candy, grass… and filled them with the kids’ favorites!

Of course, the moment they saw them, the children ran over to the neighbor’s to thank her. She got big hugs, too!

So, God bless you, my sweet neighbor . . . and God bless you, my wonderful readers!





© 2016 DJ Mynatt

The best time to be sick…

When is the best time to get sick?

When you have plans and have made your reservations weeks ahead to be out of state for a week?

Yep. One, two, even three days before the trip – that’s when you can count on getting sick, or at least someone who’s going with you.

Believe it or not, my granddaughter began feeling sick, complaining of nausea while trying on clothes as we were packing!

She’s been asleep awhile – this is the little girl who fussed every day until we gave her the gift of “no more naps” for her sixth birthday!

…nausea …fever …???

We covet your prayers…

God bless you.

The Jetsons

My grandchildren have discovered a new family…


It’s family life… in 2062!

• George Jetson: age 40, is the main character and protagonist of the series.
• Jane Jetson: age 33, is George’s wife and mother of their two children.
• Judy Jetson: age 15, is the elder child in the Jetson family.
• Elroy Jetson: age 6½, is the younger of the two children in the Jetson family.
• Rosie: Rosie is the Jetsons’ outdated household robot.
• Astro: Astro is the Jetsons’ family dog.

OKAY… let’s go meet THE JETSONS!



©Donna J. Mynatt 2014

Waking up with the chickens…



This morning, I woke fifteen minutes before my alarm was set to ring…

I headed to you-know-where… as I was passing by, my daughter whispered “good morning, Mom.”

On my way back to my room, I decided I was going to take those extra minutes, plus maybe the nine more I would have if I hit the snooze button when the alarm sounded, so I tiptoed back to bed and snuggled under my covers.

A few minutes later – still ten minutes before my alarm was set to ring, I heard my grandson’s VERY LOUD old-fashioned alarm clock clanging! Within a few seconds, he had turned it off and I could hear him climbing down from his bunk bed and jump to the floor.

I decided it was important to enjoy family time whenever the opportunity arose, so I “arose”, got a big hug from my grandson, then went to check on the girls… my granddaughter was sitting up in bed but Mom (who I knew had been awake a few minutes before this) was hiding under her covers I grabbed a clean sock, rolled it into a ball and lobbed it at her head! A few other things joined the fun (nothing big, miniature snickers bars and wooden clothes pins) until she finally gave up and joined us.

It was the most fun I’ve had at 5:45 AM… in a VERY long time!

I hope all my readers have a fantastic long weekend…

God bless you!

©Donna J. Mynatt 2014

Bad dreams…

A dear friend of mine posted about having a bad dream…

It reminded me of how many bad dreams I’ve had… too many to try to count…

They mostly involve work issues, but sometimes they come from family matters — there are always other reasons but they are few and far between.

I have to admit many times the work issues cause far more bad dreams than I am comfortable with, but I’ve begun to end each day in prayer [something I should always do] and that helps — it doesn’t always stop the bad dreams, but I’m learning to understand them better.

Remember, God doesn’t promise us  that we’ll go through life without problems – or bad dreams – but that He’ll be there to help us get through them.

This is what helps me…

These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.

~ John 16:33

God bless you!

©Donna J. Mynatt  2014


Have you ever had a weekend so bad, you couldn’t wait for Monday!

That’s the way I’ve felt this weekend…


Yep – that’s me today!

Last Thursday my family left home before the sun had risen. My grandson was so cute when he kept saying, “Look Grandma! The sun’s coming up now… isn’t it pretty?”

It was… and I was thankful for good weather. But the very loud scraping sound coming from the area of the right front tire was disheartening. I checked with Amy… who checked with Joe… who said it could be the brake pad, caliper, side pin, etc. but could also just be a rock lodged behind the brake shield. We kept going…

The motel, which was advertised as a “resort” was a huge disappointment! It sat across from a golf course, and traffic was heavy. The reservation got mixed up and they didn’t have us down for coming on Thursday, but they did give us a room… the only problem was the room was on the second floor and we had specified that we needed a room on the ground floor. Well, in their favor, they did find us a room on the ground floor – in the back.

Then we found that the pool was closed; the television was an older model which didn’t work well, had only a few channels, and the picture was terrible! There were flies in the room and we were constantly swatting at them.

But we made the best of it… my daughter went on to her conference, which turned out to be much less organized than the others, but there were a couple of really good speakers/writers! She learned a lot, got her books signed (by one of her favorite authors) and came away feeling great!

Sunday we couldn’t wait to get back on the road, pick up some nourishing food, and head home…

Today was a breeze… after the long, long weekend.

It’s over. Now we just need to find someone to fix the brakes.

God bless you… and good night!

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