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Happy Easter!



We have never purchased “Easter” baskets for my grandchildren, yet most years, they have one!

This past Sunday was no exception… Early in the morning, there was a knock on the door. My daughter went to answer it — and came back with two baskets full of candy.



A neighbor had went to the trouble to purchase baskets, candy, grass… and filled them with the kids’ favorites!

Of course, the moment they saw them, the children ran over to the neighbor’s to thank her. She got big hugs, too!

So, God bless you, my sweet neighbor . . . and God bless you, my wonderful readers!





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Forty long years ago, on Tuesday, March 16, 1976, I woke at 5am, only to discover that my mother was called home — just a few minutes before I woke.

I miss you, mom



I was eighteen — and so not ready to lose my mom.


Several months before I was born, my mom almost died.  The doctors all thought she would die before I was born.  Even worse, they tried to convince my mom to terminate the pregnancy — me — because they were certain that I wouldn’t live — or that I would be born with physical or mental disabilities — if I lived long enough to be born.

They also told her the chances were great that she wouldn’t live long enough to see my birth, and that we would both die.

But she refused. She told them it was in God’s hands.

I guess God had plans for me, because I was born on April 30th — a healthy, baby girl — and a miracle baby, according to those doctors.

These same doctors then proceeded to tell us that with a serious heart condition, and unable to withstand surgery, that she could leave us at any time. This was probably true, as she was always weak, with lots of problems, most of them occurring because of the heart condition.

But my mom was a praying mom . . . and she told me when I was seventeen that she had prayed since first being hospitalized, asking God to allow her to live long enough to raise her children. I was the youngest.

God granted her request.


God called my mom home after my eighteenth birthday. She was there to see me graduate high school, but I had only one more Christmas with my mom.

It was time. God told her, “It’s done. Now it’s time to come home.”

Mothers are special . . . I’ll always miss my mother.

Someday soon I’ll see her again. I’ll join her, and my dad, when God says, “It’s time to come home” to me.

Is it okay if I ask for your prayers? For those who’ve gone — and those who are left behind.




© 2016 DJ Mynatt

more changes at work…

Something unexpected happened to me today…

After totally cleaning an empty cubicle — which was filthy — I moved all my stuff into it.

Now, let me make it clear that I had permission from all the supervisors in my office. As a matter of fact, they thought it was a great idea. It was private enough for training new employees, as well as private conversations with staff or supervisors, yet near enough to be available when needed.

So I clean everything — counters, drawers, file cabinets, shelves, even the floor (we won’t go into the mess I found under the desk).

Then, a week or so after I’ve moved — and gotten settled, the director stops me in the hall to tell me to move back to my previous cubicle — effective immediately!



The reason? He thinks someone who might be hired in the near future might want to use that particular cubicle.

SO… OK. I work late, and with help, I get everything moved back.

But I’m not happy.


Once again I’m asking for your prayers…

I know I will eventually get over the idea of feeling that I’m just not important around here… about the time I retire. And I am really looking forward to that day!




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Last January 2015, our office staff went out to celebrate a new year… and a new regional office.
GoTen in downtown Nashville was the chosen spot, so we all car-pooled over to the restaurant.

I had never, ever, experienced this sort of thing, but I went along, and decided to order something similar to what the others were ordering – since I had no idea what to expect…

I chose habachi shrimp! It came with salad, soup, fried rice and steamed vegetables.

Here is what I got…

a delicious salad…

mushroom and onion soup…

fried rice… and steamed vegetables…


and everything – everything – was fantastic!

Yesterday, our staff decided to go back, since we had all enjoyed the experience. But when we got there – it was CLOSED!

No note. No explanation. Nothing.

Just a dark restaurant with a locked door. Needless to say, we were disappointed. The closest thing nearby was a fast food burger place, and we settled for it. But we were very disappointed.

I looked online – and on their facebook page – and still can’t find anything about why it’s closed!

So I guess we won’t be going back again.



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Something very unusual is happening at work…


For the first time, in fifteen years,there is a change in leadership — for everyone.

Our division has three regional offices, and during the past fifteen years, since I began working here, we have had one of the leaders to retire, or resign. But not all three — at the same time!


Within ninety days… all three of the regional administrators left their positions. I wish them all the best… and yeah, I’m just a little envious. I wish it were my turn, but I’m counting the months and it’ll be here soon enough.

And now it’s time to post three job openings, and begin the interviews. In the meantime, we’ll keep doing what we’re doing.

Is it okay if I ask for your prayers? For those who’ve gone — and those who are left behind.




© 2016 DJ Mynatt


traffic light 01

Time to stop!

Yesterday as I was driving to work, the traffic light ahead of me turned yellow.

Now, to be clear, I wasn’t speeding – or even going that fast, unless you call 40 mph fast (and I don’t). AND… I was going downhill, in a big, heavy truck, so when I saw the light change, I automatically moved to begin braking – to stop.

But I didn’t…

I didn’t stop.

stop 01

The truck kept going…

Instead, it seemed like I was barely tapping the brakes — and there was a shudder that I’m having trouble describing.

I was petrified!

Eventually it slowed to a stop — way past the line painted on the road, showing where to stop. As a matter of fact, I went so much farther, I had landed a few feet in the intersection.

But I was stopped… whew!

As the cars zoomed past my front fender, I had to decide what to do when the traffic light turned green… do I try to drive on to work, or pull over? Should I try to get back home?

I decided to drive on to work, since I was just a few miles away. I drove very slowly, using the brakes very little, but it seemed like they were working.

Once I arrived, I related my experiences to my co-workers, asking for advice as to where to take my truck for repairs. The most helpful advice I got was from a man who had had the same experience — the same day — on the same road.

He said I had probably hit the brakes a little harder than usual, and (or) had hit a slick patch on the road, which caused the automatic braking system (ABS) to react. He explained that it did this to keep the truck from sliding out of control (or into a spin).

This made sense, so I decided to try it again.

I left work early, to avoid the heavy traffic, and headed home. No braking problems. None at all.

So now I know… but you can be certain that in the future, I’ll be more careful when it’s raining. I do NOT want to relive that experience again.

God bless you!


Blogpost © 2016 Donna J Mynatt

Snow! Snow! Snow!

Yesterday and today have been such a treat… with snow falling on my way home both days!


I confuse, I’m not as crazy about snow as I’ve always been — mostly because as I get older, my body doesn’t tolerate extreme cold any more than it does extreme heat! Living in Tennessee, guess what?

I have both!  It’s too cold in the winter . . . and too hot in the summer.

I’m going to stop griping before you leave. While it’s not the best conditions, I love living in Tennessee. We have great seasons . . . spring, summer, fall, and winter all are fun times. I don’t let the cold stop me from going out for walks, or playing in the snow — and I don’t let the heat stop me from longer walks, and splashing around in the pool (whenever we get the chance).

But what I love most are the colors… the beautiful snowflakes in winter, the trees and flowers blooming in the spring, the vegetable garden in the summer, and the changing colors of the leaves in the fall.


In the meantime… enjoy the snow!




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