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3 important things to say…

Awhile back, I read three important things to say daily to those you love…

And I’m sorry that I can’t remember where I saw them, but I jotted down a few words to remind myself to begin saying them — and of course, I haven’t remembered — until now.

3 important things to say…

  1. I love you dearly
  2. I appreciate you immensely
  3. I will pray for you — always




That’s it. Three little things to say — but, oh!

There is such power behind those three things.

The picture below is a lady dear to my heart. She left awhile back, being called home. I’ll see her again some day soon.



But in the meantime, don’t let another day go by — without saying those three things to the people you love… you never know when someone special to you will have their last day on earth. Don’t wait until they’re gone — and wish you had said things . . . say things — now.

I love you, my readers! I do appreciate you! I do pray for you! Always!




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