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Bad days for good boys!

What do you do with a little boy who argues… and grumbles… and complains… ?


You appreciate his artistic endeavors… his wisdom… his kindness, good manners and loving ways!

You don’t ignore his bad behavior, but you try to remember how hard it can be growing up.

You pray for him after he falls asleep at night and before he wakes up in the morning.


Love him — and make sure he knows it!

God bless you!



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Nope… Nada… Not gonna happen… Never in a million years!

Despicable is what “50 Shades” is…

I’m not reading the books… and I’m not watching the movie.


Please don’t set out to watch something that could mess with your mind — pretty much for the rest of your life!

…and I’m not taking a stand because of the multiple campaigns online that stand on the same side as me; I am thrilled to see so many people out there taking a stand for what they believe in!

The following is from my wonderful daughter…

There is a massive facebook/twitter campaign going on right now – against the heinous 50 Shades… books AND movie!

I am using the campaign’s hashtag in my title above – #NoGreyNoWay. You can click on one of the links below for more info…

NoGreyNoWay YouTube Video

Facebook Page

Twitter Page


Please be aware that some of the posts on these sites contain graphic information – as many women and men are sharing their own personal experiences about past abuse.





Please stand with us as we spread the word to friends, family and strangers. If you truly care – you will want to do everything possible to protect others from the damaging and devastating effects of this series!




I have not – and I will not – read the book (or watch the movie)!

Exposing your mind to ANYTHING of this nature is just inviting the devil to create a foothold in your very soul – which he will then use to push more sin into your life.




Allowing this story into your head allows it into your heart, your mind, your soul!

You think you can handle it. You tell yourself that you need to be able to make an informed argument. You tell yourself that you need to have ammo to feed that argument. You tell yourself that you can’t properly argue against something you haven’t read or watched personally…

But this series is FAR TOO DANGEROUS to adhere to these rationales.




I am here today to ask you to stand with me and millions of others and put a stop to this movie right now! 

We need to send a strong message to the makers of the movie. They HAVE TO KNOW we are serious!

They HAVE TO KNOW that they will not tear down strong women… men… families… marriages!

They HAVE TO KNOW that we will not lay down and let them roll right over us!


We will stand up for our daughters, our sisters, our mothers, our friends! We will not allow someone to tell us that it is OK for a man to mistreat a woman – even if she agrees to it!

An abuser is very skilled at convincing you that you asked for it, wanted it, or even enjoy it.



No one has the right to treat you like a thing!

No one has the right to treat you like trash!

No one has the right to degrade you and drag you down!




An abuser will tell you that you are not enjoying yourself because you aren’t submitting in the right way.


The greatest trick the devil ever played on women was to make them think submission equals abuse… and then to make them think that choosing to be abused is not abuse but is instead, empowerment – that it is fun, exciting, sexy…

Choosing it does not make it LOVE!

Choosing it does not make it RIGHT!

Choosing it does not make it ENJOYABLE!




It doesn’t matter if it’s consensual or not. It doesn’t matter if it’s by choice or not. It doesn’t matter if it’s “fiction” or not!

Abuse and degradation are nothing to take lightly or as something that is OK as long as we’re talking about two adults or even as long as we are talking about fiction!

It is NEVER OK – not in a fictional story, not in a movie, and certainly not in reality!


Please say NO to 50 Shades… this Valentine’s Day!CLICK TO TWEET!


Stand with us – Make this Valentine’s Day a day of TRUE romance!CLICK TO TWEET!


Remember the true meaning of Valentine’s Day this year – Say no to 50 Shades…CLICK TO TWEET!


Tweet using the Hashtag #NoGreyNoWay to show your support!


And yes… I borrowed most of my post from my wonderful, talented daughter… who graciously shared her thoughts and pictures!

Thanks, Rachel. I love you!


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Disclaimer: For now I will allow comments to this post. I reserve the right to delete any and all derogatory or abusive comments. 



…or plagiarism?


If you discovered that someone had taken a blog post you worked very hard on – copied most of it and posted it a month later as their own post – what would you do?

Would your first thoughts be that of plagiarism of your copyrighted work… or perhaps just a misunderstanding?

First I got very upset, but thankfully I received several calls/texts from author friends… and eventually spoke to the author, who was so gracious I couldn’t stay angry.

In the proverbial nutshell, another blogger copied my work, but didn’t give me credit or mention my blog when she submitted her post.

It seems to be a gross misunderstanding. Forgiven and hopefully soon forgotten.

The only reason I’m mentioning it now is in hope that no one else gets involved in such a misunderstanding. It’s hurtful and can cause lots of harm.

Whether you are a published (or unpublished) author, writer, reviewer, or blogger, please be careful to give proper credit to the source if you use somebody else’s work (see below).
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Waking up with the chickens…



This morning, I woke fifteen minutes before my alarm was set to ring…

I headed to you-know-where… as I was passing by, my daughter whispered “good morning, Mom.”

On my way back to my room, I decided I was going to take those extra minutes, plus maybe the nine more I would have if I hit the snooze button when the alarm sounded, so I tiptoed back to bed and snuggled under my covers.

A few minutes later – still ten minutes before my alarm was set to ring, I heard my grandson’s VERY LOUD old-fashioned alarm clock clanging! Within a few seconds, he had turned it off and I could hear him climbing down from his bunk bed and jump to the floor.

I decided it was important to enjoy family time whenever the opportunity arose, so I “arose”, got a big hug from my grandson, then went to check on the girls… my granddaughter was sitting up in bed but Mom (who I knew had been awake a few minutes before this) was hiding under her covers I grabbed a clean sock, rolled it into a ball and lobbed it at her head! A few other things joined the fun (nothing big, miniature snickers bars and wooden clothes pins) until she finally gave up and joined us.

It was the most fun I’ve had at 5:45 AM… in a VERY long time!

I hope all my readers have a fantastic long weekend…

God bless you!

©Donna J. Mynatt 2014

Bad dreams…

A dear friend of mine posted about having a bad dream…

It reminded me of how many bad dreams I’ve had… too many to try to count…

They mostly involve work issues, but sometimes they come from family matters — there are always other reasons but they are few and far between.

I have to admit many times the work issues cause far more bad dreams than I am comfortable with, but I’ve begun to end each day in prayer [something I should always do] and that helps — it doesn’t always stop the bad dreams, but I’m learning to understand them better.

Remember, God doesn’t promise us  that we’ll go through life without problems – or bad dreams – but that He’ll be there to help us get through them.

This is what helps me…

These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.

~ John 16:33

God bless you!

©Donna J. Mynatt  2014

The best of intentions…

Yes, I have the best of intentions…

But my plans don’t usually work out the way I plan.

It’s not that I’m not willing to work hard. Last September my daughter and a couple of friends encouraged me to participate in NaNoWriMo. I decided if I was going to do it, I wanted to do the best I could… and I wrote a novel – beginning to end, passing 50,000 words during the month of November.

But when we decide that it’s my turn now to be the piano teacher for the grandchildren… well, I had the best of intentions, but I get home, hot and tired from work (and the drive home), and it’s not the best time to sit down and be the patient teacher, trying to be encouraging, supportive, never letting anyone see me cringe at the discordant notes.

When we decide to have family time, with Bible Study, card games, board games, family activities for a family who’s stuck inside a small apartment… I had the best of intentions, but work committments, bad attitudes, chores – something always seems to interrupt… or I get home, we have dinner, get ready for family time – and we get busy doing something else and just plain forget.

Does this happen to you?

Recently, I’ve begun having family time just before bedtime. Many times MOM can’t join us, but the rest of us, showered and ready in our pajamas, sit on the beds and read the Bible, recite memorized verses, play 20 questions, or UNO or SKIPBO.

So far it’s working out…

God bless you!

©Donna J Mynatt 2014

Being happy…


People’s minds are on Robin Williams this week… such a talented, funny man.

Yet that wasn’t enough to bring him joy… or peace… or comfort.

His death seems senseless, especially since he most likely had everything I had on my “things to make me happy” list:

fame… not likely
lots of money… state job – no
beauty… that’s not gonna happen
a home… eh, still working on that one

I don’t mean to downplay his death; my heart is aching over it. Yet I can’t help but think that he probably had everything money could buy, and it wasn’t nearly enough… for him.

We all have lists or ideas of things we want… things that will make our lives happier… or better, somehow.

I wanted to earn my bachelor’s degree – done.
I really wanted to obtain a master’s degree – done.
I wanted a better job – done (state job, but better).

But none of these really have the capacity to make me happy. Sure, I’m trying to save money to buy a home… a house, a mobile home, whatever – with a few acres to have a garden and some chickens…

I’m not looking for expensive, just something I can afford to fix up and call MY OWN – to share with my daughter and grandchildren (it’ll be theirs, too).

But last night I realized this isn’t going to automatically make everything perfect – there is no perfect (at least not of this world). There are plenty of problems associated with owning your own home – be it house, mobile home or tent.

Taxes, termites, thieves… all spell trouble.

Seriously, people really do have problems with bugs, spiders, termites or snakes; leaky roofs and basements, mold and mildew, a/c and heat interruptions, not to mention appliances… dishwashers, stoves, refrigerators, washers, dryers, hot water heater… the list goes on and on.

BUT… that’s ok. I’m not depending on it to make me happy, but I still want my own place. Something with hardwood (or faux hardwood) floors, insulated windows and attached clean, usable screens, a deck, porch, or patio – preferably where I can hang a swing and a few plants, a small garden spot, trees for the grandchildren to climb, and a few chickens pecking around the yard, giving us fresh eggs.

Luxuries… well, I certainly wouldn’t turn down a well or spring for water (and splashing), a fireplace, a nice view, and a jacuzzi tub.

And after adding up what I’ve paid in rent the past 10 years… it seems to be time to get serious about it. But this time I’m leaving it all in God’s hands, and asking HIM to use family, friends, co-workers, e-mail or my blogs – to show us where to move, trusting HIM to work out the finances, too.

HE can do this… I’m asking HIM because I want to be sure what happens is HIS will, not mine.

… and I know HE will answer my plea; I just don’t know how… yet.

So I’ll depend on GOD for joy, peace, love, contentment, patience… He’s never let me down.

God bless you, my friend!

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