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March 11 – Wham! Ouch! Did you ever?

OKAY… so who else survived Monday besides me?

Good morning!

Actually it’s not such a “good” morning, since I started getting sick yesterday. I thought the horrible headache was because my blood sugar was out of the safe range, but by last night my grandson looked at me, felt my forehead, and declared me “sick”.

But not too sick to walk for 30 minutes with my daughter, which got me into trouble and almost a trip to the emergency room!

Has this ever happened to you? You’re playing with your children… or grandchildren… and it doesn’t go exactly as you planned…

That’s what happened. I was going to throw the stick towards my grandson, just to tease him, but my daughter was walking right next to me, and her wrist got in the way. Honest, I wasn’t aiming for her or my grandson… the stick wasn’t supposed to hit anything but the grass.


Fortunately it didn’t break… at least we don’t think so.

But she posted it on facebook… for everyone to see!

Screen shot 2014-03-10 at 7.04.46 PM

Can you believe it! I would never do that!

….. well, maybe I would.


March 10 – Day 10

Good morning!

Since it seems normal for everyone to dread Mondays, I say “Let’s embrace today… and be thankful that we have another Monday to enjoy!

I hope you remembered to move your clocks forward and you are getting used to the new time. It usually takes me at least a week to get used to the time changes – gaining or losing an hour.


Saturday I had a “comfort food” day… Sunday was a nice, restful day, with my daughter trying to write several thousand words on a novel she has begun, so I entertained the grandchildren. We planned a picnic… just up the hill from our apartment, under a big tree. We didn’t have the picnic; we took the kids to ride bikes while we walked.

It was a beautiful day!

Now… today… I need to remind myself of my goal: 75 pounds…

I’m going to walk… and write down what I eat… and eat healthy food… and weigh every day…

Until I reach my goal.

(I only wish it were as easy as it sounds)…

March 7 – Day 7

Finally… after eating vegetable fried rice with soy sauce and gaining some water weight back, I’ve gotten the salt out of my system and I’ve lost the water weight.

Now it’s time to lose more than just water!

As shown below, my daughter fixed homemade chili a few days ago, and we enjoyed some of the leftovers last night. It was really good! But I was careful with my portion.


On another note…

I just want to stop and take time to tell my friends how awesome you are!

It’s really nice when you can call a friend to chat, only to be interrupted by calls from your family, and they totally understand… thanks, Cris!

And it’s even nicer when you call a friend because you’re upset over something you just read and you need to talk about it, and they patiently give you all the time you need, and you hang up feeling SO much better… thanks, Cindy!

Good night and God bless!

March 6 – Day 6

I was chatting with a coworker yesterday and the subject of walking came up…

I have seen my coworker outside walking, but I had no idea how important it is to them. They walk every day… EVERY day!

This person shared with me how several years ago they had been overweight, and by taking care to eat healthier and walking every day for at least 20 minutes helped them to reach their goal in less than a year!

And this wasn’t a little goal… it was around 100 pounds!


Oh, no! I would hate to lose 100 pounds!

Wait a minute!

No, he didn’t lose pounds, as in currency… he lost pounds as in weight!


My goal is 75 pounds…

I have no idea how long it might take, but I’m going to walk… every day… and write down what I eat… and eat healthy food… and weigh every day…

Until I reach my goal.

March 5 – Day 5

Yesterday was a sad, sad day…


Yep, you guessed it! Not only did I not lose weight, but I gained weight!

Now I realize that one-fifth of a pound (my weight gain) might not sound like a lot to some of you, but look at the other side of the coin… I didn’t lose any weight!

And I don’t want to even think of what the scale will read tomorrow morning… my daughter surprised me with vegetable fried rice for dinner! And although the salad I ate was low-calories and nourishing, and the rice and vegetables are healthy enough, the soy sauce causes me to retain water, so I fear the scale will inch on up…

I’ll let you know tomorrow. (of course you might hear my scream when I step on the scale, so you’ll already be prepared)…

Anyway, hurrah! The week is half over… and Saturday is almost in sight.

March 4 – Day 4

The oddest thing happened yesterday!

A little before noon we received a message that all state offices were closing for the remainder of the day!


So I finished the work I was doing and headed home.

Now for yesterday’s progress:

Although (at my request) my wonderful daughter made some homemade raspberry bars (150 calories per bar – ouch), I only ate two three of them!

And I didn’t get back outside to walk so I didn’t get any much exercise. But I was particularly careful of my dinner time calories… I had a big salad and a few bites of provolone cheese, summer sausage and roasted vegetable ritz crackers. Yum!

No diet soda, no sweet tea, no frapp! Yesterday I drank water… and lots of it!

Have a nice safe Tuesday!

March 3 – Day 3

Woohoo! My first pound lost!


Of course, I know the first ones are the easiest to lose. I’m just happy when I step on the scales and the number decreases! Eventually if it takes longer, that will be okay, since it will mean I have much less to lose than I do now.

I’m thinking about how my family can make lunchtime our bigger meal and dinnertime a smaller meal. After dinner, there’s not as much activity, so it makes more sense to eat less, although it might be difficult to do. Eating at work means I don’t have the time, or setup, to eat like I can at home.

Day 2 went pretty well… we drove to “The Cove” to walk (the kids took their scooters). After walking the trail twice, we were heading back to the truck when it began to sprinkle. We got back just in time!

We stopped on the way home to pick up a tire tube for my grandson’s bike, but when we got home we discovered we had bought the wrong size. So it’ll need to be exchanged for a bigger one.

At home we made some chili… after it was done, we enjoyed a bowl, adding shredded cheese and a few corn chips. Did you know 16 corn chips has 160 calories!!!

Happy Monday!

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