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Waking up with the chickens…



This morning, I woke fifteen minutes before my alarm was set to ring…

I headed to you-know-where… as I was passing by, my daughter whispered “good morning, Mom.”

On my way back to my room, I decided I was going to take those extra minutes, plus maybe the nine more I would have if I hit the snooze button when the alarm sounded, so I tiptoed back to bed and snuggled under my covers.

A few minutes later – still ten minutes before my alarm was set to ring, I heard my grandson’s VERY LOUD old-fashioned alarm clock clanging! Within a few seconds, he had turned it off and I could hear him climbing down from his bunk bed and jump to the floor.

I decided it was important to enjoy family time whenever the opportunity arose, so I “arose”, got a big hug from my grandson, then went to check on the girls… my granddaughter was sitting up in bed but Mom (who I knew had been awake a few minutes before this) was hiding under her covers I grabbed a clean sock, rolled it into a ball and lobbed it at her head! A few other things joined the fun (nothing big, miniature snickers bars and wooden clothes pins) until she finally gave up and joined us.

It was the most fun I’ve had at 5:45 AM… in a VERY long time!

I hope all my readers have a fantastic long weekend…

God bless you!

©Donna J. Mynatt 2014


Bad dreams…

A dear friend of mine posted about having a bad dream…

It reminded me of how many bad dreams I’ve had… too many to try to count…

They mostly involve work issues, but sometimes they come from family matters — there are always other reasons but they are few and far between.

I have to admit many times the work issues cause far more bad dreams than I am comfortable with, but I’ve begun to end each day in prayer [something I should always do] and that helps — it doesn’t always stop the bad dreams, but I’m learning to understand them better.

Remember, God doesn’t promise us  that we’ll go through life without problems – or bad dreams – but that He’ll be there to help us get through them.

This is what helps me…

These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.

~ John 16:33

God bless you!

©Donna J. Mynatt  2014

The best of intentions…

Yes, I have the best of intentions…

But my plans don’t usually work out the way I plan.

It’s not that I’m not willing to work hard. Last September my daughter and a couple of friends encouraged me to participate in NaNoWriMo. I decided if I was going to do it, I wanted to do the best I could… and I wrote a novel – beginning to end, passing 50,000 words during the month of November.

But when we decide that it’s my turn now to be the piano teacher for the grandchildren… well, I had the best of intentions, but I get home, hot and tired from work (and the drive home), and it’s not the best time to sit down and be the patient teacher, trying to be encouraging, supportive, never letting anyone see me cringe at the discordant notes.

When we decide to have family time, with Bible Study, card games, board games, family activities for a family who’s stuck inside a small apartment… I had the best of intentions, but work committments, bad attitudes, chores – something always seems to interrupt… or I get home, we have dinner, get ready for family time – and we get busy doing something else and just plain forget.

Does this happen to you?

Recently, I’ve begun having family time just before bedtime. Many times MOM can’t join us, but the rest of us, showered and ready in our pajamas, sit on the beds and read the Bible, recite memorized verses, play 20 questions, or UNO or SKIPBO.

So far it’s working out…

God bless you!

©Donna J Mynatt 2014

TCT Tour 2014 – Day 3

TCT = Training Coordinators Training (yeah, it’s confusing)!


Alright, today’s schedule was longer because as soon as the training was done, we had to grab a bite to eat, pick up luggage and catch the Super Shuttle to get to the airport! Whew! Just made it!


OK, here’s the schedule…

7:00-8:00am – buffet breakfast

8:30-11:45am – general session, what does each division do…

11:45-1:00pm – buffet lunch

1:00-4:15pm – webinars, investigative skills, final thoughts and farewell

4:30-5:30 – dinner break (pick up luggage)

5:30 – wait for Super Shuttle pickup

6:30 – arrive at airport, security check, find gate, wait for flight

8:15 – board plane

8:35 – take-off

9:25 – land in Nashville

10:30pm – arrive home, shower, write blog

late – ready for bed

God bless you… GOOD NIGHT!

TCT Tour 2014 – Day 2

TCT = Training Coordinators Training (yeah, it’s confusing)!


Alright, today’s schedule was a bit easier…

7:00-8:00am – buffet breakfast

8:30-10:00am – LMS basic skills

10:30-12:00pm – Effective LMS management

12:00-1:30pm – buffet lunch

1:30-4:15pm – useful reports, plenary training

4:30-10:30pm – dinner, evening break

10:30pm – shower, write blog

11:55pm – ready for bed


God bless you and good night!

TCT Tour 2014

TCT = Training Coordinators Training (yeah, it’s confusing)!


Alright, now for today’s schedule…

7:00-8:00am – buffet breakfast

8:00-9:00am – conference registration


9:00-12:00pm – NKOB Session

… defining roles/relationships between RO/STC and CO/TS

12:00-1:00pm – buffet lunch

1:00-5:15pm – introductions, practical training techniques

5:45-6:10-pm – walk to inner harbor

6:30-10:00pm – dinner cruise (look for blogpost soon)

10:00-10:30pm – walk back to hotel

10:30pm – return to room, shower, write blog

11:55pm – ready for bed



God bless you and good night!

25 Days til Christmas – Day 11


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… our family loves driving through neighborhoods at night, admiring the beautiful lights and decorations.

December is a slow down, enjoy the time kind of month for us. Homeschooling is pared back to a few fun basics. We can do this since we homeschool throughout the year and it makes December much more fun.

Our first year of homeschooling, we tried taking time off in the summer, but the children wanted to “do school” so we worked out a schedule that works better for our family. We make December very flexible, then take a week off in April, the last week in May (homeschool conference), the last week of July, and Thanksgiving week. Even with sick days and extra day soff, we still end up with more school days than required and everyone is happy!

I dearly love that my grandcildren are homeschooled. They are learning so much more, to my way of thinking. They have their regular curriculum, but they are also able to study anything else that they take an interest in… my grandson loves to read and is fascinated with science and history – he’s always asking questions; my granddaughter enjoys “teaching” her dolls and stuffed animals.

We try to find time for field trips, especially those that are pertinent to what we’re studying, and I try to go along whenever possible. We have the best time and the children are flourishing! It’s wonderful!

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