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About me…


Thank you for taking time to read my blog!

I hope what you see and read here is a blessing to you.

I enjoy reading and I am especially happy to have found Amish Fiction. Popular literature takes so many more liberties now with language and behavior and I do not enjoy reading about it. Amish fiction is perfect for me. I long for a simpler life myself so it’s nice to escape into the pages of an Amish novel and imagine myself there, even for a short time.

I completed much of my first novel during the National Novel Writing Month Challenge in 2013 with 50,310 words and learned that I really enjoy writing. My novel is titled “Emma’s Christmas Quilt” and it is Amish Fiction (you might have already expected that). Perhaps some day it will be published!

In November 2013 I felt God telling me to write a novel about my personal journey through reading the Bible in a year. This journey will begin in 2014. I’m sure much of the journey will be posted in daily blogs.

I hope my book reviews ( are helpful and I hope you enjoy what I share ( about my own journey…

God bless you!

PS- Please understand that I want my blog to set a good example, so I typically do not approve comments or pings if the comment or blog is not G-rated, to show respect to GOD and those who read my blog.